An Epic Month for an Epic Person

I still can't believe we're back "here", almost a year from the moment your heart stopped beating and mine kept going. The good and the bad of June mesh all in one and at times I feel like I'm actually going to be sick if I think about it too much. Nothing can prepare me and your Dad for a lifetime without you and nothing can prepare us for how June 2017 will be.

But, as you know Chiquita, I am a planner and I love birthdays and making people feel special and celebrate them for everything they are and will be. So, we have put a lot of love, time and effort into your birthday and I am finally very happy with what we came up with. Here it goes...

In order to try and keep smiling for you in June, your Papi and I created a calendar of activities that we think will give the world an idea of the amazing impact you have in our lives. Some of them we took from things that we were doing with you last year and some of them are just feel good things that people deserve to give and receive. As you know Olivia, sometimes it is VERY hard to see anything good around us so I'm hoping that for those that are also living in storms, your activities give them even a minute of light.

As expected, I went overboard and sent a few hundred packages to people so that they would have an actual invitation for your birthday along with some cool things to help them celebrate (like what we did for your Papi's birthday this year). Not everything has arrived, but I'm glad to report that the response has been overwhelmingly amazing from those who have gotten their packages. They are all excited to do some good for them and for others and to send you and their own people in "magic land" some love.

To everyone that reads me, the Landriau Saraceni family would love to invite you in a month of celebrations for Olivia's first birthday. 

The idea, as I've said to Olivia and to others, is to try and spread some of the love and happiness Olivia sends us every day from "magic land". We hope that you take part in as much or as little as you want and overall we just want to make people smile a bit.

There is no plan here in terms of sharing, hashtaggings or anything like that (although if you want to share things with us or the world please do!), we just thought everyone could use a bit of colour in their lives sometimes and hopefully this can add to that.

I will be posting some explanations, pictures and others here and on my Instagram account, but please make this month your own and dedicate it to anyone you like here or in "Magic Land".

Pichona, we hope you like this and we know that you will be watching us every day and waiting for the Olivia moment of the day to hit so you can get all the love we wish we could give you if you were here.

We love you more everyday that passes and being your parents is the greatest honour we have, regardless of how that parenting comes.

Naricitas forever,

Mami & Papi

30 days of smiles for the little girl that brings us the biggest smiles!

30 days of smiles for the little girl that brings us the biggest smiles!