Capture Your Grief - Day 30. My Promise to You

Dear Olivia,

I promise that I will love you forever and that my love will grow each day, even if you're not here to feel it and even if it hurts too much at times. I promise that you will never be forgotten and that you will always be an important part of our lives. I want to promise that I will enjoy life as much as I did before you left but I don't want to break any promises to you, so instead I promise I will try with everything I have to see the good in life again, I promise to enjoy small and big things because you've shown me that everything can be taken away in a second so I might as well extra enjoy things. Please know that I will always try to be happy for and because of you, even when I'm paralyzed with sadness, don't ever think I'm not trying; but know that this is really hard. 

I promise that you will become the legend that I wanted to be when I was a kid. Your life will leave a legacy behind and you will change the world for the better... That, I can mega promise you. I will make it my life's mission that only smiles come from your memory to everyone that is and will be lucky enough to know that you lived.

Te amo al infinito y más allá,


A high 5 from Olivia

A high 5 from Olivia