Capture Your Grief - Day 29. Give Away Your Love

The deal today was to perform acts of kindness and spread love wherever I went today to see if this helps my heart. This comes as a great prompt after yesterday's fiasco of a day, because I do love spreading love and kindness everywhere and I am always the person aiming to get a smile out of a stranger's face.

As Carly gave me the option, I won't share the specifics of my random acts of kindness today because then it would be more about me giving myself a high five, and that is not the point here. I do wanted to say though that I strongly believe that everyone can be a bit nicer and kinder in day to day life (even if you're already a ray of sunshine).

Where I come from we always say good morning/afternoon/evening, and in a lot of cases we ask the person in front of us: How are you today? Well, since moving to the UK my greetings and "how are you todays" have been received with mixed reviews. One day a bus driver told me to fuck off when I said good morning and smiled, I responded: "Sure, I will go do that" with the same smile. Most of the time people act pleasantly surprised and you get the biggest smile out of complete strangers just by asking them how is their day going. 

So, I invite the world to be kinder for no reason... I promise it will be worth it!

I saw this sign today outside of the  Mind  charity shop on Fulham Road

I saw this sign today outside of the Mind charity shop on Fulham Road